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Lookin’ for an ‘in’

So I’m going to do a bit of the “writing-as-thinking” and see if I can somehow crap something out…er, develop a possible research question.

*These are in no particular order or meaningfully positioned relation. I’m just a’ sayin’ as I’m a’ thinkin’.

• Guilds — Yes, the cliques of WoW. There’s a lot going on with these, so let’s dive in.

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FAQs – the death of socializing?

FAQ Hell

Resnick has me wondering: if I turn to an FAQ or a guide, am I destroying the social nature of WoW?

Resnick claims that if “a system allows a worker to find information on her own without consulting colleagues, there is a positive time efficiency gain. There is also a negative effect from losing opportunities to build and maintain ties with colleagues, which might be useful for other reasons beyond the immediate task.” I can go to a wiki and get answers quickly and concisely, but I lose out on directly interacting with the community.

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