Sample design work including poster and print design, digital layout, and syllabus and teaching material design, primarily created with InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator as well as Premiere Pro.

Click on the images for larger views.



Featured Media: “Semiotics, Signs, and Videogames as Learning Vehicles”

RDG 440 – Understanding Games and Impact (September 2012) – Week 2 talk on semiotics and videogames; also, modeling what the student presentations should look like

Additional Teaching Presentations

RDG 440 – Course Introduction MMOs and Virtual World Assignment
ENG 102 – Current Arguments in Circulation

Sample Syllabi, Assignments, and Teaching Materials

ENG 394 - VWs - The Quest

“MMOs and Virtual Worlds: The Game” (Guest Lecture Assignment)

Syllabus 394

Syllabus – “Videogames and Digital Rhetorics” (English 394)


Featured Media: “Gaming Solutions to Society’s Biggest Challenges”

ASU Project Humanities Kick-off Event (September 2012) – Moderator and Panelist, A look into how videogames play and videogame design can help us think about what it means to be human in an era of increasingly networked living and digital mediation. 

Additional Research and Conference Presentations

Identity - GLS 2012_thumbHunting for Identity:
Community, Performance and the
Curious case of the “Huntard” in
World of Warcraft 
(GLS 2012)*external link
Visual - GLS_thumbSeeing Action: a Visual analysis of World of Warcft
*external link (begins at 13:15)
From Gamified to Game-inspired:
Collaborative, Social, and Game
Learning (SWGES 2014)
Managing Attention: Halo and Building the HUD
English Writing Studio: Reflections
and Recommendations (CCCC 2013)



Featured Media: “Videogames and the digital humanities”

ASU Humanities, Interviewee (November 2012) – About the power of games and digital media in the humanities

Digital-based interviews

Ed Gamer_thumb
EdGamer Podcast #157 (June 2012)
Interviewed by Zack Gilbert and Gerry James *external link
Building a Games Studies Program (May 2012)
Interviewed by Ian Smith (student thesis project)

Print and web interviews

State_press_CGI_thumb SPM_pirates
The State Press (February 2013)
“Center for games examines future of video games” *external link
State Press Magazine (September 2012)
“Argh!There be pirates on the Internet!” *external link
ASU-ENG_interview_thumbASU News (February 2013)
“Redefining English for the 21st century” *external link

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