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Play learning, or why playing games is important for learning about games

As part of the Learning, Literacy and Technologies reading group’s work this semester, I’m documenting some thoughts, notes, design goals and rationale, and some brain-dumps and debriefings from meetings. This regular series will live on both my personal website (gamerhetor.com) as well as a specialty site dedicated to game-inspired teaching and learning (gameinspiredteaching.wordpress.com).

Several students in ASU’s new Learning, Literacies and Technologies program and I, along with great faculty guidance by Dr. Elisabeth Gee, have started a reading group focused on videogames. We’re planning on covering some broad overviews of games in general, a little bit of gaming (and games studies) history, some deeper analysis of specific games, and the connections between videogames and learning. A future post may focus on our readings more directly, though at this point we’ve remained somewhat informal in how we’ve structured readings.

I’ve suggested a arcade/play session as part of our regular meetings for reasons I explicate below. The short version is that playing games is a critical part of studying them; Continue reading

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